Polishing of floors

This method will only require maintenance to revive the shine to customer account. This is what makes it ideal for areas where traffic is constant and requires a neat appearance leaving a mirror shine.


The newest in finishes is the polished system, which allows you to rejuvenate an old floor or give a mirror finish to a new one.


Because of its versatility, you can select:



  • Brightness level.
  • Colour.
  • Finishing.






It takes labor and machinery specified for these finishes, metal diamonds and resins of various grades of abrasion to obtain the desired level of gloss and appearance of concrete aggregate, always applying hardener-densifier which penetrate the concrete.


"The best team to polish your floor"




  • Image cheaply.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Excellent reflectivity which helps to save energy.
  • Great durability.


Important: Not recommended for areas of workshop or oil spills.




The best equipment for cleaning floors.


F5/F10 F5/F10



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