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Association of electrostatic discharge (ESD)


Normally, static electricity and ESD are little more than a nuisance. However, in an increasingly technological era, known static shock we receive when walking on a conductive surface can be costly or dangerous.


Artec has products that prevent electrostatic discharge on your floor, achieving security for its staff and products. Our company is a certified member of the ESD Association, so the information we provide is of the highest skill in the art.


To learn more about ESD must take into account:


What is electrostatically?


A static electric charge caused by an imbalance of electrons on the surface of a material. Any material, whether be conductive or insulating, solid or liquid, is capable of electrostatically charged.


Electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs when the accumulated electrostatic charge is transferred electrostatically sensitive material. It has spread the false notion that the burden is "created" when two surfaces rub or contact.



Standards set for industrial floors.



Resistance spectrum.