The sealing element is a construction which is inevitable, and that 100% of new buildings should be used. This involves placing material to prevent the passage of moisture to the different parts of a building.


It is used in roofs, foundations, planters, retaining walls, pools and container cladding, etc.. As treatments support construction joints and critical points in the waterproofing and downspouts, chamfers, bases, soporteria, etc. Designed for heavy duty finishes, whether stone, ceramic or reflective paints in the case of surfaces exposed to the weather.

Types of waterproofing:

  • Traditional system, and asphalt-based membranes.
  • System based on polymers and polyester reinforced membrane.
  • Transparent chemical system for decks, fully transparent.
  • Epoxy resin system for walls or subfloor moisture. 





We apply waterproofing and distribute various brands on various surfaces.