We offer products from leading brands to suit your needs, for optimal results.


The categories are:


  • Epoxy: Seal floor of 2 components, there is antistatic, chemical resistant, orange peel, abrasion resistant. Available in several colors.


  • Urethanes: Seal floor of 1 single component, are harder and stronger than epoxy, can be pigmented and come in various colors.


  • Mortars: floor coatings, used for patching or leveling, there are Grout, auntonivelantes, expansive and fast drying.


  • Hardeners and Curators: Membranes of different materials to "cure and harden" the newly installed concrete floor, closes the pores of the same avoiding that might leak through the water.


  • Vapor barriers: they are a very effective option to reduce the penetration of moisture vapor and water through the slab into the structure.


  • Antistatic Tile: Piso to dissipate electricity contained in people and that these do not cause a short in electrical with which to work.


  • Waterproofing: They are used to protect and waterproof concrete, mortar and masonry.


  • Sealants: joint fillers and inert support materials of different components. Its main function is to prevent the leakage of dust and moisture to the surface.


  • Decorative: Decorative systems also provide excellent protection and durability, provide aesthetic appearance and ease of cleaning.


  • Accessories: Tools required for installation of seals, tiles, curators, yellow lines, etc..