¿Who are we?


100% Mexican company, started operations in the early 80's, which through a business vision and proper strategic planning has established itself as a solid company, leader in the production, implementation and distribution of flooring and coatings industrial. We have over 30 years experience in domestic and international markets.


¿What do we do?


ARTEC renew your floor, built homes meet the standards of flatness (FL) and leveling (FF) system according to the American Institute of Concrete and VOC Standards "solvent-free S also has repair, protection and maintenance , is engaged in the distribution of materials, rent and sale of specialized machinery.























Follow identifying ourselves as a leader for our clients, by offering our experience from constant innovation.




Meeting the needs of quality products and services, encouraging each of us in our philosophy and values ​​to ensure a permanent and valuable relationship with our customers, employees, suppliers and the environment, thereby obtaining our continuance and growth.


Organizational Values


    HONESTY: Being integrity in exchange for customer confidence.


    COMMITMENT: We are committed to reach the target set and responsibly comply with the activities of the office.


    COOPERATION: We support each other to reach their objectives.


    DISCIPLINE: We comply with rules and policies that support our work.


    INNOVATIVE: We promote permanent change in our processes, products and services as the most important to be fulfilling the expectations of our customers.