Calcium chloride test

This test is a measure of moisture protection applied to the construction of concrete floors, to prevent moisture passes through these into the interior spaces.


The steps for performing this test are seen below:



1. - Clean the surface with a cloth or towel.




2. - We need to open the bag containing the moisture test.

Humedad Humedad


3. - Is weighed before the test to get the initial weight of the same, as it then make a comparison between the final weight is obtained by passing the entire process.




4. - Then we open the container of moisture proof and we can observe the chemical compound of calcium chloride, which must be flexible to move.



5. - We put the test on the floor and sealed with plastic dome. The left between 68 to 72 hrs and thus maximum.




6. - After spending the estimated time, remove the dome and sealed with tape proof container, to avoid the more moisture.


7.-Weigh again the humidity test, to obtain the final weight. By having both weights using the following formula, giving the floor humidity value at that time.



This is the process of testing humidity in a concrete floor or concrete. One more service that provides Artec, also we sell these products for you to do this type of testing in their enterprise.