For the food and beverage industry, reaching a high level of hygiene is top priority. Artec offers high performance solutions for floor care, and so in this way to provide clean and safe environments for food and beverage establishments.



Some of the areas we cover it in this sector are:


  • Packing area.
  • Preparation area.
  • Freezing area.
  • Cutting area.



For you to be satisfied with the services we provide, we know that requires the development of a special system which suits their needs, so Artec has the following aspects for any system to work properly:


  • High quality products and the best brands.

    Proper selection of the system that will be used for your project.

    Proper installation of the products that make up the system.


Because of this and the support of our experts, we advise you in choosing the right system for your project and the supervision of this.


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