Because we care about your health is of complete physical, mental and social, Artec is responsible for maintaining clean and safe facilities.


Hospitals and clinics are places for people to go to be addressed in some discomfort, making its facilities must provide healthy environments for their patients. We incorporate the best practices in health and safety, to give the impression of quality care you need.

"Increase the health, safety and comfort of their environment"


Some of the areas we cover it in this sector are:


  • Laboratories.
  • Operating Rooms.
  • Rooms expulsion.
  • Recovery rooms.
  • Intensive care wards.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Among others.



Because this area of ​​the hospital each requires a different system applied, to provide quality and aesthetics to the patients and staff. With the support of our specialists, you will provide guidance in selecting the system that best suits the requirements of your floor.


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